At ParentCareUSA, we know that today’s caregivers are dealing with a myriad of difficult choices and decisions when faced with an elder's life changing events. We can help your family understand the options in addressing an eldercare crisis or in preparing for the possibility of one.


Contacting ParentCareUSA is a highly individualized decision. Whether you are planning for the future or experiencing a crisis, we will review your situation with sensitivity.

Many factors will influence when to call us, including the health and mobility of the elder, your proximity to your loved one, and the complicated nature of their aging issues. A good time to contact us is when...

  • The elderly person is unable to live safely
  • Your family has limited time or expertise in dealing with chronic care needs
  • Your family needs direction on local services
  • Your family is confused or has disagreements about care solutions
  • Education and resources are needed in dealing with behaviors associated with dementia
  • Education and Resources are needed in dealing with financial and legal situations


ParentCareUSA's goal is to develop an appropriate action plan for you, meeting the challenges of the immediate crisis or any probable future scenarios.

Our experts offer an objective, thoughtful assessment of your situation, choices, and solutions far above and beyond a mere fact finding exercise. We provide a health assessment conducted by a qualified nurse, physical therapist or social worker.

We can prepare a financial assessment, depending on the needs of the elder. This can include a review of assets and legal issues, including a review of insurance products, history of asset transfers and gifts.

For more information, please complete the assessment request or contact us.


ParentCareUSA's experienced Care Managers monitor your family member's care in their home or within an elder community, allowing dignified aging and quality of life.

Our staff offers support and advocacy to ensure that appropriate levels of care and independence for your loved one are met. We monitor the care and services of the client by making periodic visits, attending care plan meetings, and advocating on their behalf. We can accompany them to medical appointments, shopping trips, and social occasions.

Our care managers are available to respond to any concerns. Whether you are local or long distance, our high standard of quality means that care managers are available to tailor services that suit our clients best. Our care managers maintain close reporting relationships with you to ensure that factual and timely information is communicated on a regular basis.

For more information about our care management, please complete the please complete the assessment request or contact us.


We know how the facility system works and how to objectively evaluate quality of care. We advise our clients on the right place, the right care, at the right time.

We work with you to ensure your loved one is placed in a Quality facility. A difficult crossroad for family caregivers is moving to an assisted living facility (ALF), a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), a congregate senior housing community, a long term care facility to a nursing home. Our nursing home or ALF assessment tool will identify several providers who offer services that meet your criteria. We will provide a report on each facility or community and a list of questions when you visit. We will gladly accompany you or conduct the initial visit, along with follow-up services at your request.

We act as professional advisors to our clients throughout of the placement process. Contact us for more information about a facility evaluation and placement.


We believe that our clients should be well informed about all topics and issues involving their parents and loved ones.

Some Frequently Asked Questions based on our experience working with 2,000+ client families.

My father is in the hospital. The Case Manager is telling us that he needs permanent placement in a nursing home. How can we be sure that this is the right decision and what are the alternatives?

Each situation should be evaluated carefully on a case by case basis. We understand that hospital staff are under pressure from administration to arrange expedient discharges. Unfortunately, many patients are admitted to a long term care facility before all other options have been fully explored. We work with families to ensure that each of those options is considered. We know from experience that a placement decision is not always about care needs. Other issues like safety, finances and family dynamics are important factors.

We have researched nursing homes by visiting the State and Medicare web sites. Should we make our final decision based solely on the scores and numbers from those web sites?

No. Choosing the right nursing home for a loved one is a very difficult and time consuming process. The information in the State and Medicare web sites provide excellent data about nursing homes but unfortunately are limited to information based on the most recent annual Medicare/Medicaid "surveys" or inspections. The Long Term Care Survey process is very complicated. Deficiencies are categorized or scored based on their Scope and Severity. In some instances, facilities with multiple minor deficiencies are often as good as those facilities with few or no deficiencies. Understanding the differences and translating this information requires special expertise. In today’s changing environment, we suggest that families seek professional assistance before any placement decision is made. Because nursing home costs are averaging close to $168,000 per year in Massachusetts, we believe that selecting the right nursing home should be handled with careful consideration and due diligence.